#24: Why is kindness key?

with Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN

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In this episode we discuss…

  • rebecca’s philosophy of body kindness

  • cultural messaging that there’s a right and wrong way to eat - and that if you eat the “right” way you’ll achieve a certain physique

  • the “rock bottom” moment that changed how Rebecca understood health and nutrition

  • detaching health from weight loss

  • the connection between wellbeing and one’s relationship with oneself

  • examples of how to put “body kindness” into practice

  • connecting to your body and noticing its experience

  • discovering what healthy living means to you, living your values, and creating a meaningful life outside of your appearance

  • “spiraling up” and building on positive emotions

  • the difference between guilt and shame

  • how parents can practice self-compassion and self-acceptance

  • research on the relationship between mindful self-care and depression in pregnancy and postpartum

  • rebecca’s answer to the million dollar question

Registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield helps us explore why families might want to practice “body kindness” and self-compassion. We discuss the importance of detaching health and wellbeing from weight, and how parents (and their children) can identify self care practices that work best for them.

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Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN is a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified exercise physiologist, author of the book Body Kindness, and host of the Body Kindness podcast. Through her weight-inclusive, Health at Every Size counseling practice, she helps people make peace with food, find the joy in exercise, and create a better life with workable goals that fit individual interests. Her Body Kindness philosophy has been studied to help reduce depressive symptoms and heal body image in pregnancy and postpartum. A mom of two kids under 7, Rebecca is passionate about examining the cultural narrative around health, wellness, and worthiness while rejecting the pervasive myth that to achieve better health one must control their weight. You can find her writing in Washington Post, Self, and US News as well as appearances in over 100 global media outlets. Body Kindness is available wherever you get books and audiobooks. 

Connect with Rebecca on her website, Twitter, and Instagram.

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