#6: How do I protect my family from the $70 billion dollar diet industry?

with Rachel Rodgers, PhD

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In this episode we discuss:

  • the role of both the media and the family environment in contributing to body image and eating concerns

  • unrealistic appearance ideals that the majority of people are unable to attain by healthy methods

  • The misconception that shape and weight are easily altered through behavior, willpower, and money

  • how parents can unintentionally amplify appearance ideals by teasing or making comments

  • disembodied versus embodied relationships to bodies

  • how parents can model positive, embodied relationships and healthy behaviors to their children

  • strategies to manage children’s exposure to media in a healthy way

  • doing less instead of more to help protect kids

Dr. Rachel Rodgers helps us understand the sociocultural influences that contribute to diet culture, and how parents can act as a volume button that turns up or down the influence of diet culture on their children.

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Dr. rachel rodgers is an associate professor of applied psychology at Northeastern university, where she directs the appear lab (applied psychology program for eating and appearance research). she received her Ph.D. training at Toulouse University in France. her research interests include body image, disordered eating, and adolescent and young adult psychopathology. her research focuses on how sociocultural influences contribute to body image and eating concerns, with the goal to both examine sociocultural determinants of health-related behaviors and to inform public policy. she is the author of over 125 journal articles and book chapters.

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