#28: Mommy, am I fat?

with Eva Musby

live on Friday, August 9th

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In this episode we discuss…

  • how leslie and zoë connected with eva

  • eva’s book anorexia and other eating disorders - how to help your child eat well and be well

  • how to respond when your child asks “am I fat?” (whether or not they suffer from an eating disorder)

  • discussing body diversity and body ideals with kids

  • cognitive dissonance around the meaning of “fat”

  • the nuances and different stakes when your child is struggling with anorexia versus with non-clinical body image concerns

  • how to build family values around size diversity and body acceptance, and why you would want to do this

  • the problem with natural responses like “you’re not fat, you’re beautiful” or “your body is the perfect size”

  • discussing body size with children in larger and smaller bodies

  • modeling not giving time or energy to body preoccupation

  • reinforcing values that are important to your child

  • soothing your child without resorting to sizeist messages

  • when your child has negative reactions to YOUr body size

  • why “fat” is not a feeling

  • validating versus invalidating responses - and how to ask “what’s freaking you out right now”

Parent coach, advocate, and author Eva Musby joins us for a discussion about best practices when talking to your child about body size, especially when they ask that dreaded question — “Am I fat?” She draws on her personal experience as a parent and professional work supporting parents of children suffering from eating disorders.

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Eva Musby helps parents to support a son or daughter suffering from anorexia and other eating disorders. She offers information, practical tools and emotional support. Her extensive collection of resources are based on her own experience as a parent, complemented by scientific evidence, advice from other parents, and expertise from treatment providers committed to evidence-based practices. She is the author of anorexia and other eating disorders - how to help your child eat well and be well. she also offers support to parents through her videos, resources, and individual coaching.

Connect with Eva on her website, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

Learn more about Family-Based Treatment for eating disorders / the Maudsley approach mentioned in the episode.

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