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The Full Bloom Project is a labor of love and a work in progress. We’ve grown immensely - both personally and professionally - through our work on the podcast and our guides to body-positive parenting. We want to continue to learn new parenting practices alongside you, share our conversations with researchers, practitioners, and activists, and create research-informed resources for you to download. Doing so requires a significant amount of time each week.

We’re so grateful for our amazing community of parents and clinicians who are committed to raising body-positive children by redefining “healthy,” fighting weight stigma, and resisting unrealistic appearance ideals. Your support - by listening, emailing, and making changes in your families and communities - means the world to us.

One additional way you can support our mission is by making a small monthly contribution (any amount!) to help cover costs and keep the podcast and e-resources coming.

We use Patreon for those who are interested in becoming official sponsors of the Full Bloom Project. We are deeply grateful to our patrons for their support as we bloom!