About the Full Bloom Project 

The Full Bloom Project is a research-informed body-positive parenting resource—designed by parents, for parents. Our mission is to teach parents how to transform their home environment into a place where children can naturally boost immunity to our appearance obsessed culture, so they can channel their precious resources towards more meaningful purposes; in other words, "fully bloom."  We are committed to finding innovative and practical ways to make research and activism in child and adolescent mental health, pediatric nutrition, Health at Every Size, and eating disorder prevention accessible to parents everywhere.

meet the founders

Zoë Bisbing and Leslie Bloch are both NYC-based, adolescent eating disorder psychotherapists and mothers of two. They met in graduate school at New York University and, over countless coffee dates, quickly discovered a shared dedication to the treatment of eating disorders and body image concerns. Their lives unfolded on uncannily similar paths; they worked together at a treatment center in New York City and sat for their clinical licensing exams the same week, both nine-months pregnant. While their families and private practices blossomed, they developed specialties in the early detection and family-based treatment of childhood and adolescent eating disorders.

Nearly a decade of conversations about work and family life inspired mutual dreams of preventing the diseases they help parents and kids fight every day. Happy to put themselves out of business if it meant fewer young people needed their services they took a deep dive into the prevention research and founded the Full Bloom Project to bring this wealth of body-positive parenting knowledge to parents everywhere.


Leslie Bloch, LCSW-R,
Certified Family-Based
Treatment Therapist
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Zoë Bisbing, LCSW,
Certified Family-Based
Treatment Therapist
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