the ABC’s of body-positive parenting

After interviewing dozens of experts for our podcast, we wanted to find a way to bring together the most critical concepts we learned to help foster emotional wellness, self-esteem, and positive body-image in our children. Our “ABC Guide” is the result — an e-resource packed full of 25 PDFs detailing essential topics in body-positive parenting. We’ve gathered together insights from research and our interviews with clinicians, researchers, and activists, combined with additional resources on each topic, to serve as a guide for parents and providers.

So, if you’re eager to help young people develop a strong self-worth and self-esteem that doesn’t depend on their outside appearance… 

If you’ve struggled with your own body image or relationship with food, and you’re determined to break the cycle for your own kids… 

If you want to effectively support children in bodies of all sizes and protect them from toxic cultural messages about health and beauty... 

Basically, if you’re curious about practicing body-positive parenting… (or have already begun!)

This guide is for you.

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How do you get one?

The quick answer — make a small, sustaining contribution to the Full Bloom Project by visiting our Patreon, and you’ll receive this guide as our thanks.

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